Few vegetarian breakfast ideas

Majority of people in this generation preferring the vegan food style. Few years before this type of vegan diet is seen only in a few peoples but now it becomes widely popular especially among youngsters.

Parents are looking to raise their children with veganism this is because it is more nutritious than the vegetarian. But still, society is not accepting that veganism is healthy even though the studies have proved it.

When you have decided to be a vegan, you should have a proper dieting schedule to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you are bored with having the routine vegan diet recipes, here are some of the healthy vegan breakfast ideas, which can give you an alternative option for your diet.

Vegan fried egg

To prepare this vegan egg fried you have to take the tofu and cut them into four slices. On a pan melt the vegan butter under the medium flame and toast your tofu and after toasting remove it from the pan.

Then add vegan dipping sauce to the center of the tofu by this you can get the vegan fried egg.

Enchilada breakfast recipe

It is one among the vegans eat for breakfast and it only takes 10 minutes to prepare. To prepare this recipe you need tofu and some of the lettuce, cucumbers, and vegan sauce.

At first scramble the tofu over the pan and then add all those ingredients to it. Sauté all the things after placing it like the layers. Now your vegan enchilada breakfast is ready to eat.

French toast

It is one of the simple and nutritious recipes for the vegan breakfast. To make this recipe you need to prepare the blend of coconut milk, vanilla extract, banana, and cinnamon.

Make it as smoothie consistency and you have to dip your bread slice into it. Take the dipped bread out and toast it like the normal bread toast.

While toasting you can use the vegan butter to add extra taste to your French toast and after toasting put some honey over it, now it is ready to serve.

Vegan sandwich

To prepare this recipe you need muffins, butter, cheese, oil, masalas like pepper, chilli powder, and black salt, oil, and tomatoes.

Now the process becomes very easy to take the two muffins and place the two tomatoes and onions, then place chose in-between these veggies. Based on your taste add the powder and oil inside the veggies.

Final words

These are few vegetarian breakfast ideas; you can also try various breakfast recipes through exploring the internet.

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