Best vegan food items to have the better hair growth

In recent times for most of the people maintaining hair and hairstyles like on, is one of the hectic tasks to follow. People are busy with different activities and to run their life. Among those spending time for maintaining hair is also important. Here is certain vegan food for hair growth:


Fats are of two types they can be either good or bad fats when you have avocados it contains good facts and that will help you to have moisture throughout your body and the hair breakage can be prevented. Further, it enhances the growth of the hair and also to stay stronger.


Almonds are the food item that is considered as the superior nut since it has the source of protein and high content of vitamin E. the content of protein will help to enhance the proper hair growth. Whereas the content of vitamin E will help to improve elasticity and moisture in order to resist dryness and hair fall.


One of the food products that is required to have a beautiful hair is kale. It is the food item that is rich in the content of iron and vitamin B, being an alkaline food it assists to prevent acidity. When you have acidity it leads to certain issues like poor hair and nails.

Chai seed

When you are following a vegetarian diet for hair growth one food item that has to be included is the chai seed because it is rich in vitamin B, iron and calcium. It is considered as one of the best foods that can help in having healthy hair. The protein content will help to have the have strong hair since it has a tendency to resist hair breakage.


Apples generally come with the rich content of fiber that is very much necessary for the hair growth. It also has antioxidants and tendency to renew certain substances. Having an apple every day is not only good for your health but also for better hair growth as well.


Do you wish to have a beautiful, long and shiny hair? The right choice would be coconut. It has the tendency to reduce inflammation and aids circulation on applying the coconut oil you hair may have the condition, repair, rehydrate and strengthen.


Berries like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are rich in the content of antioxidants and so they fight to prevent cell damage and pre maturing thinning. Barriers that are rich in vitamin C have antioxidants may create collagen, most important tissue that is used in bones, skin, and hair.

Having the right food items and avoid unhealthy foods is one of them that you can fight against any of the health issues and the hair fall as well. When you are looking for vegan foods for healthy hair make certain research, proper consultation and choose the foods that are required to have the best health condition and add them to your diet. Make sure your diet is well balanced with all the required nutrients.

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