What to serve with steak and potatoes?

In case, you are looking for the special summer or random dinner then steaks on the grill is the best choice. Beef might be main attraction and you might live on steak alone and tons of the ideas are available to delicious summer sides which might complement that charred and browned rib-eye, porterhouse and t-bone. You might give salt and vinegar update, classic potato side or add cool and crunchy slaw in order to keep things light.  If you search in online then you can know about sides for steak with potatoes.

steak side dishTo know about steam side dish

Planning perfect steak dinner might involve devoting adequate time for your side dishes and it could be served with the simple salad. As everyone knows steam could be lean and nutritious supper. There are tons of the side are available which goes with steak perfectly such as

  • Pesto
  • Barbecue
  • Flavored butter
  • Chimichurri
  • Weeping tiger dressing

Grilled Parmesan broccoli is best one to serve with steak. If you are interested to prepare for this dish then you must marinate broccoli in olive oil and lemon juice which is not only acting as the glue but also it keeps grated Parmesan cheese from falling off. When you are looking for the extra sides for steak then it includes macaroni cheese, Asian style slaw steak, red cabbage and fennel slaw and creamed spinach. Curly Kale is best dishes to serve with steak and it can add guilt easing nutrition for your plate.

steak with potatoes

Essential tips to serve with steak

If you are seeking for the steak side dish then you can search in online. Suppose you have mastered art of cooking perfect steak in over then you might start to find out best seasonal side dish. When you are looking for the side which might balance rich meatiness of steak then green is the best choice. Simple shaved asparagus or spinach sauté is quick dinner additions which you might pull together in the flash. If steam is in meal plan then dishes that are mashed, sautéed or braised might make comforting sidekick for your meaty main which ranges from mushroom to cauliflower mash.


Steak is the meat which is sliced across muscle fibers which include bone and it is usually grilled and pan fried. It often cuts from the grazing animals like goat, horse, bison, kangaroo, ostrich, reindeer and pigs.